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New PowWeb Home Page!

Ok, I know I have been slackin’ on the blog writing. Well… what can I say I have been busy! With what you might ask? Well, I’ll tell ya. A new PowWeb home page!

I am sure you have noticed that a couple weeks ago we launched a new home page, right? If you haven’t then I suggest you go take a look. Take Me To The New Home Page NOW!

As you can tell, we made some major changes, but there definitely is a method to our madness, which I’m hoping you find interesting:

1. No more sexy model - Some of you may miss the sexy model, but in the Web 2.0 world, customers are much smarter and care about about the details and features of their hosting packages. That being said, we had to say goodbye to the sexy model. Who knows, if this design doesn’t work out, she may return so there is hope for those who liked her.

2. We took the red out - Well, not all of it. My feeling was that we used too much of our signature color on the home page. Reaching the page felt as if you were landing on a stop sign and therefore not encouraging you to go any further. I think this page feels a bit warmer, don’t you?

3. New button style - There is no no real big reason for this style. It is just more original and cooler then any of our competitors.

4. More prominent display of our partners and scripts - In order to make your hosting experience the best possible, we work really hard to find the best partners and coolest scripts. That being said, I thought we needed make this far more visible on the home page, which I think this accomplishes.

5. New ‘What’s New Section’ - Since we are constantly making changes at PowWeb, I thought it would be nice to give you a place to check out the latest changes.

So, now you’re saying “cool, that makes sense, but what do you hope to get out of this change?”. We are hoping to achieve two things with this change:

1. The PowWeb home page will be a warmer and more informative place to visit.

2. We have a better click-to-sale ratio. If you read my last post on landing pages you will understand some of the techniques we used here in the creation of this landing page.

Affiliates, please note - If this page converts better for us, its also going to convert better for you. Better conversion = more money in your pockets!

Well, as always I ask for and welcome any comments and suggestions you might have on the new home page, this blog post, or just on life in general.

Until next time,



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